• bacuri-butter

      Bacuri butter

      The Bacuri butter is extracted from the Brazilian palm, which has an approximate height of 40 m and is called „Plantonia Insignis“. It’s growing in North Brazil, on the Marajó Island and in the Pará state. It has a sallow color and a gentle flavor of almond. The Amazonian natives and the so-called „Caboclos“ knew about its therapeutic and cosmetic qualities over centuries.

      It’s excellent to soften the hair and the skin, but not only: it’s also excellent for mixed and oily skin, since it keeps under control the production of sebum. The Bacuri butter is very rich in the vitamins A,B,C and in antioxidants. It’s excellent for the hair care of African hair and to protect sensible skin. The Bacuri fruit is similar to the walnut, on the outside it has a beige color while on the inside it has a strong yellow color. The crop of the fruit takes place between January and May and between February and March, these are the main crop periods of this fruit.

      The Bacuri fruit is rich in phosphor, iron, lysine and vitamin C and is used in the North Brazilian kitchen, especially for the production of sweets. The fruits must soak in water for one year before they can be ground. The bacuri butter is used to treat snake bites, spider bites, skin problems, ear problems, rheuma, arthritis, cicatrizes, pimples. This butter can be stored for about 2 years. If applied onto the skin, it receives a golden- yellow color.