• brazilian-nut-oil

      Brazilian nut oil

      The Brazilian nut oil is also called „Para nut“, it derives from the Amazon and contains the following ingredients: selenium, fatty acid, omega 9, omega 6, the vitamins A,B,C, E, all the strong antioxidants and tumor- blocking remedies. The color of the Brazilian nut oil is a golden yellow and it donates the skin softness and elasticity, by protecting it from aging and fighting stretch marks. It’s also efficient against eczemas, psoriasis and skin, heart, liver and stomach problems, moreover it combats tumors on the prostate.

      Selenium stimulates the immune system, while zinc, which is contained in nut oil, has an anti- acne function and assures the production of collagen. Selenium represents actually a helpful remedy to support the youth and healthiness of the body, this mineral prevents the degeneration of the sight and the brain function. Only 2-3 Brazil nuts a day are enough to cover the selenium demand of an adult, since they are real protein- bombs, they contain as much proteins as 3 eggs. The selenium is an excellent remedy to support the function of the thyroid, in Brazil especially in north, the nut is eaten with rice while the nut oil is also used in the kitchen and to make light. Once the nuts where used as currency, the Brazilian nut oil can also be used as massage oil, thanks to its excellent viscosity, it’s also a remedy against acne and oily skin since it has anti- inflammatory properties. This oil is also a very common ingredient in the cosmetic industry, especially for the production of body and face lotions, lipsticks, shampoos and hair balms. Even for a mask before washing the hair the oil is excellent.Moreover this oil derives from a tree which grows spontaneously without pesticides, herbicides or dung, therefor the tree is completely biological.