• Cactus fig oil

      The cactus fig oil has emollient, nurturing, cicatrizant and wrinkle alleviating, protecting, antioxidant, regenerating, tightening, liquid and elasticity donating qualities. The oil is excellent for dry and stressed hair and for mature and dehydrated skin. This oil is very light, pale yellow and is cold pressed. The biggest producers of cactus fig oil are Mexico, Italy and Morocco and the oil belongs to the most expensive and high- grade oils, since there is necessary one tonne of seeds to produce 1 kg of oil. Moreover this oil has a high content of vitamin E and taurine.

      This oil was used from North African women to cure sunburns and to protect the hair and the skin from the desert- climate. The efficient properties of this oil are evidenced by the university of Messina and Montepellier. The therapeutic properties of the cactus fig oil gave it the first place in the Western cosmetics industry, where it’s used to prepare face, body and hair products. Moreover it’s efficient against shadows around the eyes and it’s used as massage oil. Finally the oil can be used in the kitchen, like the corn, sunflower or soy oil, since it has similar properties.