• calendula-oil

      Calendula oil

      The calendula or marigold oil has analgetic, nurturing, decongesting, cicatrizant, disinfectant, moisturizing, antioxidant, astringent, antiseptic, invigorating properties, moreover it’s efficient against inflammations and wrinkles. The therapeutic properties of the calendula were already known in times of the ancient Egypt. This plant cured open wounds during the American Civil War and during the World War. The calendula oil can be used pure or mixed with a night lotion to invigorate tired and stressed skin.

      This oil has a high tolerance and can be used at elderly people, newborns, in case of wounds on the nipples, mycosis, insect bites, phlebitis, freezes, corns, verrucas, burns, ulcers, acne, abscesses, frost boils, bedsore, contusions, dermatitis, eczemas, scrapes and inflammations on the sexual organs. The calendula oil is also excellent for massages, as antitoxin of jellyfish- poison and as „first aid“ in case of stressed skin. It can be used pure or mixed with other oils. Calendula oil together with sweet almond oil acts good in case of varicose veins, sensible veins, furthermore it invigorates the hair. The calendula can also be consumped in the form of a tea, pills or brew, it helps against menstrual cramps, stomach and bowel problems and abdominal pains. The calendula oil can be used at inhalations against wrinkles and to give the skin more elasticity as well as aftersun lotion to calm down the skin.