• carot-oil

      Carot oil

      The carot oil is a precious resource of beta- carotene, vitamin A, which is very important for the beauty of the skin, the hair and the eyes. The therapeutic properties of this oil were already known in times of the ancient Romans. This oil is used to prepare the skin for the browning, especially if the skin is bright and sensible. Moreover it invigorates the sight and nourishes the Avitaminosis. The carot oil has antioxidant, invigorating, protecting, revitalizing, fungicide qualities and stimulates the immune system, it donates the skin a longer and better browning.

      But it’s always recommended to be careful when going into the sun to avoid sunburns or melanomas. The carot oil is excellent for dry skin, but even for every other skin typology, as it has nurturing and smoothening qualities. It’s possible to combine this oil with other oils like sweet almond, rice, walnut, sesame and avocado oil, which are efficient against wrinkles. The carot oil can be bought in a fluid form or in capsules in the pharmacy, herbal shop as well as in the supermarket. It’s edivenced that this oil helps to make a decision in case of confusion and doubt.


      The carot oil invigorates the chakra of the heart, the carot is a vegetable which is excellent for self- made beauty masks, which invigorate and moisturize the skin. Here an example of a simple mask: take 50 g of grindet carot, mix it with 50 ml of wheat germ oil and let it repose for about 30 minutes. This mask is excellent for dry and mature skin, especially after a day in the sun.