• castor-oil

      Castor oil

      The castor oil isn’t only a strong laxative, but it also invigorates the hair and the eyelashs, it’s efficient and cheap. In case of short eyelashes you can take the old mascara brush and the box, wash it good with hot water, curd soap and alcohol and then put some castor oil onto the eyelashes before going to bed. This ritual should be repeated for about 15 days. The smell of the oil isn’t very delicious, but it is very efficient, since the eyelashes become stronger and receive more brillance. That’s a proven fact!

      Before doing the shampoo it’s efficient to massage the hair with castor oil, since it has a invigorating, nurturing and brillancing effect onto the hair and it’s also able to darken the eyebrows. It’s also used to diminish the typical dark cicles around the eyes, mixed with lemon juice it’s excellent to care the face skin in case of wrinkles. The castor oil is also used to strengthen the nails, you can put some of it onto the nails before going to bed and then wear cotton gloves. If mixed with other essential oils, it can be used as massage oil and it has detoxing properties. The oil donates the skin more humidity, especially in case of dry and mature skin, since the oil is rich and it reduces the evaporation of water. The oil is used for the deflation of the bowel before having an operation, making an X- ray or having a birth, since it has good laxative qualities. During pregnancy this oil is forbidden! To reduce the oil‘s bad smell it can be mixed with orange juice. The draining of the bowel lasts from 2-6 hours. The oil is extracted by the pressure of the seeds and the castor bean (Ricinus communis) grows spontaneously in South Italy.