• coalfish-liver-oil

      Coalfish liver oil

      The coalfish liver oil or cod liver is used in the Ayurvedic medicine against arthritis, gout and prickling. This oil is an excellent massage oil, in pharmacy it’s available in fluid form or as pills. It has a high content of vitamin A and D, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which clean the blood from rubbish. During wartime people eated it to complement the bad alimentation. This oil cures otitis, allergies, behavior- problems, stress, cough, asthma, breathlessness, finally it improves the calcium metabolism and deposits it in the bones. Therefor it’s used for the treatment of rachitis.

      This oil contains a good amount of iodine and helps against struma, moreover it invigorates the nails and represents an excellent remedy against thrombosis, inflammations. It’s an excellent tonic, it reduces the risk of diabetes, fractures or osteoporosis. Finally it supports the function of the brain and is able to cure the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder syndrome. During pregnancy the consumption of this oil is recommended, since it supports the development of the child’s brain. It’s excellent for convalescent people, in case of asthenia, moreover it improves the sight and it keeps the skin young and healthy. Finally it reduces the risk of acne, dundruffs and dermatitis. It’s said that a regular consumption of this oil can cure pulmonary tuberculosis.