• coffee-butter

      Coffee butter

      The coffee butter has regenerating, invigorating, tightening and lipolytic properties. The coffee butter is light brown and smells like coffee. The coffee butter is used in the cosmetic branch, both for massages and for the production of tightening creams, skin nurturing products and anti- cellulitis products. The coffee butter is produced from the oil of coffee seeds, which on its part is extracted by the toasted seeds of this plant by cold pressure.

      The coffee butter is fabricated through hydrogenation of the coffee oil, it has a strong flavor and is rich in phytosterols, which are beneficial for the skin. The coffee butter can be used as aftersun- lotion, since it repairs the skin and alleviates congestions. The blood circulation is supported, the skin receives more dioxygen. Moreover the stimulating effects of the butter are a great energy source especially at the morning. The coffee butter’s PH- value is similar to that of the skin, therefor it’s not oily and can be used to cure mixed and oily skin. It regenerates the skin cells and supports the regeneration of the skin – both of the face and the body. This butter can be preserved for about 1-2 years and should be stored at a fresh and dry place with little light.