• copaiba-oil

      Copaiba oil

      The Copaiba oil is gained by the oleoresin extract from the tree, which grows in the Brazilian and Peruvian rain forest and is very popular in the cosmectics and perfume industry. The oil contains cicatrizant, antibacterial cleaning, astringent, antioxidant, digestive, antimycotic, alleviating, antihemorrhoidal, expectorant, diuretic and kidney invigorating properties. Moreover it’s efficient against dundruffs.

      Therefor the Copaiba oil is excellent for mixed and oily skin, against dundruffs, skin irritations, psoriasis, eczemas, wounds, hard skin, catarrh and bedsore. The oil actually cures affections of the endocrine system, stomach ulcers, problems of the female reproductive system, cough, respiratory problems, sunstrokes, burns, bronchitis, asthma, herpes, cystitis, leucorrhea, insect bites, tuberculosis, incontinence, angina, hemorrhoids and tonsillitis. Combined with another carrier oil the Copaiba oil is an excellent massage oil, especially to alleviate muscular pains. But this oil is not recommended during pregnancy. From the tree there is extracted an essential oil, which is also a herbal medicine.

      The Copaiba oil is connected with the solar plexus. The essential oil can also be inhaled or consumed with sugar, whereas the drops make the sugar aromatic. This oil is very useful for pets, especially to cure leishmaniasis. Finally it’s helpful to produce bio diesel. At animals it treats the following affections: aconuresis at dogs, arthritis at cats and dogs or stomach infections at horses.