• coriander-oil

      Coriander oil

      The coriander is also called „Chinese parsley“, the coriander oil is used in the Ayurvedic medicine against anxiety and insomnia- for massages like the Shirodhara massage which concentrates onto the head. The coriander oil is also available as essential oil, it has the following properties: anti- rhematic, appetizing, expectorant, digestive, anti- spastic, fungicide, larvicide, aphrodisiac, adipolytic, invigorating, antibacterial, it alleviates flatulences and stimulates the blood and nervous system.

      The color of this oil is a bright yellow and the flavor recalls to that of moss. The oil is used at inhalations even to liberate the air ways from influenza and for massages in case of cramps or distensions on the limbs. If used for massages the oil must be mixed with a carrier oil, this oil is excellent in case of colics, nausea, headache, dyspepsia, flatulences, sexual asthenia and it’s able to combat multiresistent bacterias like escerichia coli or salmonella. The seeds have a deodorant effect for hands and feet and could also be used for dishes and crockery. After the consumption of garlic or onion some seeds can be chewed to alleviate the bad breath. The coriander leaves mixed with some olive oil are an alternative to the classical pesto!