• cucumber-seed-oil

      Cucumber seed oil

      The cucumber seed oil is a friend of beauty! The cucumber slices are a popular remedy against swollen eyes, this vegetable is also excellent to clean and drain superluous liquids. The cucumber seed oil has a fresh flavor, absorpes very easy and is cold pressed. The oil has a high content of omega 6, vitamins of the B group, potassium and vitamin C. It’s also often used in cosmetics industry, at massages or in aromatherapy.


      This oil is an excellent remedy for mature skin, it invigorates and gives elasticity, moreover it has antioxidant qualities, it nurtures and treats skin problems like eczemas, psorasis, acne, stretch marks, maculas, dermatitis and burns. It’s also useful to invigorate the nails, the color of the oil is yellowish brown and the oil can be stored for about 2 years. The cucumber seed oil has excellent anti- inflammatory qualities and is very gentle, therefor it can be applied onto the contour of the eyes and onto sensible and intolerant skin. It’s also excellent for the invigoration of dry and thin hair, as well as to care of the typical African frizzy hair.