• cupuaçu-butter

      Cupuaçu butter

      The Cupuaçu butter or oil is extracted by the seeds of this plant, which grows in the Brazilian rain forest. This oil isn’t only an excellent ingredient of the cosmetics industry and for medicine purposes, it’s also used for the production of sweets. This plant derives from the family of cacao, the pulp of the Cupuaçu tastes like chocolate and pineapple, while the juice tastes like pear and banana. The Cupuaçu butter is even more efficient than the karité butter, since it absorpes two times more water than it.

      Moreover it has a high content of Omega 3, Omgea 6, stearic acid and palmitic adic. Beside from the good qualities against inflammations it has also moisturizing and elastizing properties, as well as nurturing effects on dry skin. This oil has a pleasant and gentle flavor, it’s not too oily and it can therefor be used as aftersun lotion or to give the hair more power. The Brazilian women use it to give the hair brillance, softness and to smoothe the curls.