• grapefruit-seed-oil

      Grapefruit seed oil

      The grapefruit seed oil or extract is extracted by the seeds of the dehydrated grapefruit pulp, for the production there is used glycerin and coconut oil. In the pharmacy the grapefruit is available as glycerin extract, it treats mycosis, mircrobes and stimulates the immune system. The content of toxic elements for human is very low. This oil is very efficient to combat bacterias, which can bring serious affections to humans like salmonella, chlamydia, diarrhea, vibrio cholerae, escherichia coli, candidose, staphylokokkus, streptococcal etc.

      The oil is efficient in case of digestive problems, menstruation, influenza, colds, colitis ulcerosa, caries, problems with the prostate, psoriasis, cystitis, verrucas, parasitic worms in the bowel, shingels. The positive effects of the grapefruit germ oil were discovered in 1964 by a German doctor, which has moved to the USA. He daily took two drops of it in a glas of water and was always healthy.