• guava-oil

      Guava oil

      The guava oil is extracted by the seeds of this fruit and is rich in vitamin A and C, which are called the „beauty vitamins“, since they keep the skin young. For its richness in vitamins, in India there exists a saying about the guava „if you eat this fruit you don’t have to go to the doctor for the period of the whole year“. The guava is a protection against colds, influenza, cough and prevents high blood pressure. Moreover it helps to dilute the blood, to protect the prostate, to reduce the risk of cancer and to cure aphte.

      The oil has a brownisch color and bittersweet taste. The guava or guayaba is a tropical fruit, which derives trom the tropic regions of South America. The guava oil is moreover very rich in vitamin B and minerals like manganese, potassium and calcium. It’s also an excellent remedy against wrinkles and to invigorate the skin. The guava oil has a high content of quercetin, which is an excellent appliance against tumors, especially that of the colon. The oil donates elasticity, which combats stretch marks and invigorates the hair. It’s efficient against dundruffs.

      Even the leaves and the root of the guava have medicinal properties, they have a good natural astringent effect, which is excellent against diabetes and diarrhea. The boiled water of guava leaves can also be used as mouthrince in case of sore throat, vomit or digestive problems. Furthermore it can be used at hip baths against candidose. The guava brew is an excellent mouthrinse and analgesic in case of toothache. The guava leafes can be squashed and applied on wounds and contusions. Even the blooms can be used on this way, their juice is excellent against conjuctivitis and eye wounds. The guava fruit has furthermore a laxative, emollient function, excellent against congestions.