• kombo-butter

      Kombo butter

      The Kombo’s butter is extracted from the oil produced by the seeds of a plant called “Pycnanthus angolensis” named also “African Muscat Walnut”, that grows up in all occidental Africa. The fruits ripen within December and April and the tree that products these fruits is used for build residences, doors, canoe, furnitures and windows. This dark brown butter is yet few known, but it’s rich of virtues:

      its proprieties are, anti-fungal, painkilling, anti-allergic, anti-septic, anti-oxidising, nutritious, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulant. It’s so recommended for relieve the pain of aching muscles after a long sport activity or also for cure the gout; this butter is absorbed very easily. The Kombo’s butter is also very good for cure acne, arthritis, oral infections and herpes. The scent of this butter is intense too, it’s great for feed and hydrate the dry skin that is inclined to become red.

      The Kombo’s butter is conserved for two years in a fridge and is used also for prepare soaps and candles. Another part of this tree utilized for therapeutic aim is the bark, to prepare a decoction for cure anemia, ascites, infertility, gonorreha, malaria, cough and leprosy, depending of the African’s nations, as Congo, Ghana, Sao Tomé and Principe; in Costa d’Avorio the root is used mixed with other natural remedies for cure schistosomiasis.

      Why the Kombo’s butter is used?
      A variety of uses for the most part of tree’s parts, are employed as, spices, soaps, nutrition for livestock and for medicinal use. The Kombo’s butter is brown-red color, it’s extensively used in the pharmaceutical sector and is becoming useful for animals, plants for the fat based cetyl myristoleate is used as food supplement, there are few clinic tests for support an advantage in all medical condition. It has potential for reduce the glucose’s levels in type 2 diabetes, cancer and against the lowest cholesterol.

      Available products on market
      Oily seeds
      Butter’s oil
      Refined Butter

      Important therapeutic proprieties
      Used as food supplement
      For the skin cure (it does not oil)
      Against arthritis
      Against cancer
      For reduce cholesterol 

      Anti – mycotic and anti – septic
      Anti – microbial against Bacillus subtilis
      Used against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia
      Used against salmonella typhi and Klebisella 

      For cure stomatitis
      It acts as cardiac arrest
      The bark helps for relief toothache
      The decoction is used as enema

      As drink for dropsy
      The juice fruit is used in the anthelmintic
      In the pain’s treatment and fungal infections
      Used as mouthwash

      As gargles of oral cleanliness
      Against the diseases of the  gums and against bad breath
      Anti – oxidising proprieties
      Anti – inflammatory proprieties

      For reduce glucose level in the type 2 diabetes
      Alleviate pain and disability at who has arthritis
      It has an high grade of myristoleic acid
      It oils the joints and in all body

      For the immune system
      Effective in the control of immune diseases
      Mediator for the process of inflammation
      Applied in industrial cosmetics