• kukui-nut-oil

      Kukui nut oil

      The Kukui nut oil is also called „walnut- candle oil“ and is extracted by the seeds of a Hawaian plant by cold pressure. This oil has a high content of Omega 3, 6 and 9, of the vitamins A,C,E,F and of antioxidants. The color of this oil is bright and golden and it represents an excellent aftersun, moreover it treats psoriasis, acne, hemorrhoids, dry skin, cicatrizes and stretch marks. The oil leaves no grease and is an excellent remedy against inflammations. Therefor it’s very popular also in Europe!


      Here the Kukui nut oil is used for cosmetics, as massage oil, as carrier oil. In Hawai this oil is furthermore used in the kitchen, to repair fishing nets, to care the lilly of the valley, against colds and many years ago also as oil for lamps. The kukui oil donates the hair more softness and brillance, it stimulates the hair growing. It can also be used as a base for a natural peeling together with sugar and salt, since it’s very gentle and nurturing for the skin. This oil is also recommended for sportspeople, since it liberates the pores and lets the skin breathe. The kukui tree grows not only in Hawai, but even in Japan and Malaysia. In Japan the tree root is used to treat tumors, in Sumatra the root is mised with the seeds and used against congestion. In Malaysia the boiled leaves of the tree are a remedy against headache, gonorrhea, fever and swollen limbs, while in Java the root is used against diarrhea and dysentery.