• linseed-oil

      Linseed oil

      The linseed oil is extracted through cold pressure from dried and toasted linseeds. In northern Europe it represents a popular spice for the cheese. In a crude form the oil is excellent for the alimentation, thanks to its high content of omega 3 and omega 6, together with the vitamins E and F, while boiled it’s useful for the finish and colors of artists. It contains a lot of lecithin, which is beneficial for the nervous system and which acts against colics, hemorrhoids and fungus. Even the arteries are cleaned by this oil.

      The linseed oil nourishes and invigorates the hair, it gives it more brillance. An example for such a mask is the following: the oil is mixed with two egg yolks and applied onto the hair, to soften dry hair and to make it more versatile. The regular consumption of linseed oil hinders the risk of breast and colorectal cancer. Moreover it’s a powerful remedy against inflammations and it alleviates affections like the gout. Its fatty acids stimulate the immune system, act against rheumatoid arthritis and regulate the hormonal metabolism, especially during the female menopause. Moreover the linseed oil blocks stomach inflammations by alleviating the burning sensation and by donating high spirits.