• macadamia-oil

      Macadamia oil

      The macadamia oil is available in several herbal shops and represents an excellent remedy to nourish and invigorate the skin, especially if the skin is dry, mature or tired. The macadamia oil is easy to apply and isn’t greasing. It’s excellent for a hair mask, since it donates the hair softness and brillance. This oil is extracted by the macadamia nuts, which grow in Australia, Hawaii, Mexico and Africa.


      The macadamia oil has a high content of vitamin A,E and D, palmitoleic acid and oil acid, which is also contained in olive oil. It’s used to remove make-up since it’s very bland, moreover it’s excellent to tighten the breast and face skin with a mask. An example for a mask: take 2 spoons of clay and one of macadamia oil. Moreover the oil keeps under control the bad cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular diseases. It’s moisturizing effets can cure small wounds, the same as sunburns. Together with the sweet almond oil and the hazelnut oil it regulates the job of the lymphatic system.