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      Macassar oil

      The Macassar oil is a popular remedy on the Molucca Islands in Malaysia, in the city of Macassar. Today it’s called Ujing Padang and in the Occident it’s popular because of its balmy and nurturing qualities, perfect for the hair care, for hair which is stressed from the sun, the wind and the salt. This oil reached Europe in 1860 under the government of Queen Victoria. The English lords used the oil as gel to care the mustache and the hair.


      The macassar oil is an excellent protection, it should be applied before washing the hair, it also protects from the chlorinated water. It’s not greasy and it’s easy to wash, the hair remains soft. The macassar oil (100 ml) contains: fruits from the tropical „Kersambi“ tree, sweet almond oil, 30 ml coconut oil, vitamin E, 12 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 6 drops of Saint Thomas oil, 4 drops of clove oil, 3 drops of bergamot oil, 3 drops of lemon oil, Ylang Ylang blooms. The coconut oil becomes hard at a temperature of 20°C. In this case the bottle can be immersed into hot water for about some minutes.