• manketti-oil

      Manketti oil

      The Manketti oil or also Mongongo oil derives from Africa from the Kalahari desert, which is situated in the South between Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. Further states in which this tree grows are: Malawi, Mozambik, Sambia, Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Mali, Niger and Zimbabwe. The tree grows in different climate conditions, from -5°C in winter until 40°C in the summer. The manketti oil is extracted by the tree of the Euphorbia family, which is an excellent fruit to prevent high blood pressure.

      The taste recalls to apple, the fruit is rich in proteins, calcium, copper and magnesium. The oil, which is extracted by cold pressure of the tree- seeds, is yellow- lime green and has a fresh flavor like the jungle, it’s used in the kitchen. The nuts of this tree can be preserved for a long time and are therefor very popular among the desert population. The manketti oil has a high content of vitamin E and protects the skin from the windy and dry desert contidions. This oil can also be used as massage oil, to prepare creams, lip balm, soaps, suncreams and hair products. Moreover it’s an excellent moisturizing remedy for the dry and frizzly hair of the African population. The oil is very light and is therefor excellent for mixed and oily skin as well as for tired and dry skin in the cosmetics industry. The Mongongo nut is gathered between April and May, the crop is a typical women job, therefor the production of this oil is often part of the African developement projects.