• marula-oil

      Marula oil

      The marula oil derives from Africa and is produced in Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mosambik, South Africa. The African women have used it over centuries because of its moisturizing, antioxidant and emollient properties. Its color is yellow and the seeds of the marula fruit are hand- pressed. The oil is rich in omega 9, vitamin C and E and it’s not toxic. It’s very light and tolerated by every skin typology, even by sensible or oily skin.


      The oil is also used as lip balm, as moisturizing oil, massage oil, against skin cracks on hands and feet, against erythemas, itchiness and insect bites and even as a hair mask. The marula oil treats wounds, cuts, inflammations and scars. In Africa it’s also used to cook. The marula oil can be stored for about 2 years and the production is very time- consuming. There is necessary half a day for the production of 60 ml of oil. It’s an excellent antioxidant, carrier oil and ingredient of the fair- trade cosmetic industry and the aromatherapy. The marula oil is excellent for the consumer and the producer, since it belongs to the fair- trade products of Africa, especially the products which are addicted to the female population. The extract of this oil extracted by 3 kg of marula nuts it’s enough to pay the childrens’s school books and school uniform for one year.