• melon-seed-oil

      Melon seed oil

      The melon seed oil is very popular in countries like South Africa and India. In Namibia it’s called „Akamuti oil“, it’s a very gentle oil, rich in omega 3 and omega 6, it’s extracted by cold pressure. Therefor it’s excellent for the nourishment of sensible, mixed and oily skin, as well as to donate it humidity and to eliminate superfluous oil. The melon seed oil is gathered and toasted in the Middle East and in North Africa. In Nigeria it’s a common ingredient for the soup. The melon seed oil has a high content of essential fatty acids, which make the skin elastic.

      This oil has a bright, yellow color and its taste is similar to that of nuts. This oil is calso used for the hair care, since it’s moisturizing and not greasy. It’s also excellent as a mask before washing the hair, the melon seed oil is a good burning oil for massages and aromatherapy. In the Orient and in Russia the seeds are used against urogenital affections, liver congestion, stomach and bowel problems and even dropsy. Against renal calculi it’s possible to drink a melon seed tea, the seeds are moreover a laxative for the body.