• moringa-oil

      Moringa oil

      The moringa oil is also called „behen oil“ and represents an extract of the seeds of this plant which grows in India. The moringa plant is a popular ornamental plant in all tropic areas. The moringa seeds are excellent water- cleaners. The good effects of this oil were already known in antiquity: the Egyptian used it to conserve their mummies, the Arabs used it to protect themselves from the sun and the Romans used it in perfumery.


      The tree is able to grow on poor grounds and is called „tree of wonders“, since every part of it can be used. An example is the oil which represents a good biodiesel, while the other products, like the rests of the seeds are used as fertilizer. The moringa seeds contain a very sweet oil which is rich in vitamin A and C, zinc, calcium, it has a very high quality and antioxidant, emollient properties. Moreover the oil can be stored for about 5 years. The moringa oil is an excellent lip balm and a good hair mask before washing the hair, especially in case of dry and frizzy hair. The oil represents a good massage oil and carrier oil for essential oils and is very efficient against wrinkles, irritated skin, wounds, allergies, eczemas and psoriasis. Further properties of this oil are: antipyretic, anti- epileptic, anti- inflammatory, it alleviates gastric and bowel ulcers. Moreover it has diuretic, antimycotic and antibacterial properties. The leaves, roots, flowers and the moringa fruit are an excellent food. The taste of the moringa seeds is similar to that of chickpeas, while the butter is rich in vitamin A. The boiled fruits have the same taste as beans and the roots as radish. The leaves can be processed to an excellent brew. The moringa oil is available in a fluid form or as tablets, it contains a lot of calcium, even more than milk and eggs. Therefor it represents a good addition for people who don’t tolerate this kinds of food. The moringa oil is actually an efficient cleaning remedy for the house!