• murumuru-butter

      Murumurú butter

      The Murumurú butter is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9, it’s produced from the palm seeds of an Amazonian palm in Brazil with the botanical name „Astrocaryum murumuru“. The fruits of the Murumuru are one of the most important element of the alimentation of the hunters and gatherers in the Amazon area. During the harvest time of the fruits, the gatherer must be very cautious, since not only the palm itself has stings but even the seeds and fruits. The fibres of the palm are used for the production of hammocks.

      Another quality of the Murumuru butter is its richness in vitamin A, it contains 4 times more of it than carots. This Brazilian butter has a pale yellow color, a pleasant and strong aroma, it’s gained by cold pressure and it has repairing and emollient, nurturing, elastizing and moisturizing qualities. In the cosmetic industry it’s used for creams, soaps, suncreams, anti- aging products. Other properties of this butter are: antiviral, anti- inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, antiallergic and antibacterial.

      It nourishes the hair and the skin, this butter is excellent to alleviate muscular pains, eczemas, psoriasis, skin problems. Moreover it’s an excellent massage butter. It’s excellent to donate the skin new vitality, in the form of a package or a mask. It’s used for the hair care of African hair.