• neem-oil

      Neem oil

      In India the neem oil has been used over centuries against louses in the Ayurvedic medicine. It contains properties which are efficient against parasits, bacterias, fungus, virus and wrinkles. In the Indian medicine it’s also used against otitis, by dripping some drops of warm oil into the ears. For animals it can be applied against parasits such as fleas and ticks and on plants against plant louses. Moreover it contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are good ingredients for body and face lotions.

      The neem oil is very strong and concentrated and should therefor be solved in gentle oils such as jojoba, sunflower or sweet almond oil. This mixture with neem oil is also efficient against stretch marks, and it‘s able to treat psoriasis, herpes or to regenerate scars. The neem oil blocks acarines, some drops of it should be solved in water and then sprayed onto the pillow, the blankets or the carpets before washing it. It’s an excellent insecticide, in case of mosquito bites a little quantity of neem oil can be applied onto the bite. In case of fleas a spoon of oil sould be applied onto the hair and the whole head, neck and the areas behind the ears. The neem oil must act for at least one hour, only afterwards the hair can be combed. The hair should be combed with a thin comb from the roots to the points. Afterwards the hair can be washed and the oil must be applied every second day until the fleas disappear.