• oil-of-green-coffee-beans

      Oil of green coffee beans

      The oil of green coffee beans is often used in the cosmetic industry, as it’s useful as lubricant, antioxidant and elastizing remedy for the skin. The Brazilian women were the first ones to discover the advantageous qualities of this oil against cellulitis and acne. It seems that this oil contains more antioxidants than green tea. It’s gained by the cold pressure of the coffee seeds of green coffee beans, these aren’t toasted and therefor rich in omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. The oil of green coffee beans is furthermore an excellent carrier oil for essential oils.

       From the green coffee beans there is gained an extract, which has stimulating effects on the metabolism, the appetite and the hypoglycemia. The green coffee beans can also be consumed as espresso, but the green coffee or the extract of green coffee beans should be accompanied by a hypocaloric alimentation and by sport activity. Therefor the extract of green coffee beans is a good solution for people who suffer from diabetes and to prevent cancer. The oil of green coffee beans has a fresh and prickling flavor and is used for the preparation of several cosmetics for men and women. The oil is proper for mature and sensible skin and is also used for the preparation of eye creams since it has decongesting and detoxing qualities. It helps against eczemas, dermatitis, psoriasis and for the production of hair products. This oil is also excellent as massage oil, especially for detoxing massages or packages against cellulitis, since it’s light and penetrates easily.