• papaya

      Papaya oil

      The Papaya oil is extracted by this tropic fruit, it’s rich in vitamins and it has energy providing and antioxidant properties, it contains omega 3 and omega 6. In Latin America the papaya is called „bombastic fruit“, because of its numeros therapeutic qualities, like the fat dissolving ones. The papaya extract is an excellent remedy against tumors. The oil acts against itchiness, it‘s antioxidant, emollient, anti- inflammatory, fungicide and helps against pain. It keeps the skin young and soft and can be used as massage oil for people with slipped disc. This oil is also excellent in the kitchen, it has a similar taste like the rowdy olive oil.


      The papaya oil is excellent for the hair care, for skin problems like eczemas, psoriasis, pimples, burns, wrinkles or dry and scaly skin. It alleviates flecks and the fruity taste is very pleasant. The oil can be stored for about 3 years and it’s an excellent carrier oil. It can furthermore be used as make-up remover, since it is very gentle. In the tropic regions the papaya isn’t only eaten as fruit, but also used for the preparation of sweets, ice or desserts and soups, fish and rice. The seeds of the papaya have an anti- parasitic effect onto the bowel.