• pataua-oil

      Patauà oil

      The Patauá oil is also called „patawa“, it’s extracted through cold pressure from the fruit seeds of this tropic tree, which grows in the Brazilian Amazon region. Futhermore the tree grows in Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Ecuadro, Venezuela and Guyana. The botanic term for this tree is „Oenocarpus bataia“. The Patauá fruit matures from January until December, but the high point of the crop is June, September and November. Every tree is distinguished by numerous fruits.

      The Patauá oil is very rich in the vitamins A,C,E, in omega 3, omega 6 and in proteins, similar to the meat or mother milk. It has a yellow greenish color and is transparent, similar to the olive oil. The Patauá oil has moisturizing and nurturing qualities for hair and skin, it eliminates the dundruffs on a natural way. This oil is also used to treat inflammations of the air ways, like for example on the bronchial tubes or cough. The Amazonian tribes used this oil for cooking, from the Patauá there is extracted a beverage. The wood and the leaves of the tree are used by the natives to build roofs and arrows, moreover they feed the animals with it.