• pecan-oil

      Pecan oil

      The pecan oil is extracted by the pecan nuts from North America, the scientific name is Carya Illonensis and derives from the southern states of West America (USA). The oil is used in the kitchen, it can be preserved for about six months. It’s especially recommended for dry and mature skin. The pecan nuts have a high content of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fibres and zinc.


      The oil of this nuts is an excellent massage oil, which is bright and gentle and gives the skin humidity, it has a light nut- aroma. The pecan oil is a good carrier oil for essential oils and can be mixed with the bath water. It’s sweet like the almond oil, Thanks to the nurturing and invigorating properties it’s also used as hair mask and as lip balm. The pecan nutshells are an ingredient of a peeling, to have an efficient and gentle cleaning of the skin.