• Pequi oil

      The pequi oil is extracted by the pequi fruit, which recalls to an orange, it‘s very popular in the north western Brazil and it’s an important element of the alimentation, it’s called „sertao“. The pequi oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamins of the B and C group and it has an aromatic flavor. It’s extracted by the pulp of this fruit, which grows between January and April. The pequi oil and this fruit help the blood to become more fluid. From this fruit there is also gained a liqeur, the mature pequi fruit has more taste than the freezed one.


      In the cosmetic industry the pequi oil is popular for its antioxidant and emollient qualities, it cures eczemas, psoriasis as well as dry and mature skin, it’s excellent for the alimentation and as balm for the hair and the skin. It’s like a balm for dry hair and it gives the color more durability. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are fans of this oil!