• pumpkin-seed-oil

      Pumpkin seed oil

      The pumpkin seed oil is used in the Ayurvedic medicine and it’s especially efficient against anxiety and insomnia. In Austria it’s used to aromatize the barbecue meat, vegetable soups, cheeses and salads. Moreover it’s an ingredient for different wellness treatments in the health resorts. The Austrian region which produces most of it is Styria. In Styria this oil is called „black gold“, as its production is protected since 1996 by the European Union.

      In Austria the pumpkin seeds are glazed with sugar and the oil is used to aromatize salads and potatoes. The color is greenish and has a light flavor of hazelnuts. Moreover it’s beneficial for the memory and a supporter of the prostate, therefor its consumption (as oil or capsule) is recommended for men. The consumption of pumpkin seeds facilitates the maintenance of this gland. The substances of this oil hinder the congestion of the tissue. But even women should eat it, since it reduces the risk of urinary infections. Moreover this oil is an antioxidant agent, which is rich in precious substances, which decelerates the aging. The pumpkin seed oil is an efficient anthelmintic therapy in case of tapeworm infestation, it contains many vitamins such as A,B,C and E, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, iron, phytosterols and further micronutrients. Furthermore pumpkin seeds are an excellent fortification for the hair both for women and men. The oil is also useful for cosmetical treatments, face and body treatments against aging. This oil is excellent for beauty treatments, moreover it cures several affections: cystitis, acorunesis and bleb catarrh. The oil has alleviating, emollient, diuretic, laxative properties, it helps against too oily skin.