• rose-hip-oil

      Rose hip oil

      The rose hip oil is excellent for mature, sensible skin, which has been damaged by the sun. This oil is extracted by the seeds of this plant. The rose hip oil has a yellowish, orange color and a high content of vitamin A and C, which are two beauty- vitamins. Moreover the oil has a light and fruity flavor. The oil treats the following affections: psoriasis, couperose and stretch marks. It can alse be used as a carrier oil with essential oils or mixed with other oils.

      The Chilean wild rose oil belongs to a rose hip variant, which derives from this continent and has antioxidant, emollient, astringent, elastic, refreshing and invigorating properties. This rose grows also in Argentina and Perú, since it prefers a fresh and humid climate. The therapeutic properties of the rose oil treat cicatrizes, keloids, wounds and sunburns. It’s also contained in face creams, especially in anti- aging creams and nightcreams. An advantage of this oil is that it lets disappear dark stains, moreover it invigorates the nails and donates the limbs elasticity during a massage. It can also be used as a hair mask before washing the hair. This oil is very light and air sensitive and should therefor be stored in a dark glas container at a dry, fresh and dark place.