• safflower-oil

      Safflower oil

      The safflower oil is extracted by a plant which is similar to the ginger or saffron. The oil is also used for Ayurvedic massages, it has a light yellow color similar to the linseed oil and it has a high content of vitamin E and K. The safflower oil isn’t only common in the Ayurvedic medicine, but also in painting as for example for the oil paints, as a diluter of the bright colors. If the oil is used to cook, it helps to keep under control the bad cholesterol and to prevent diabetes typus 2, apoplexia or heart infarct.

      The oil is excellent to soften mature and dry skin and to donate her new elasticity. Moreover it has anti- inflammatory, warming, diuretic, invigorating and immune stimulating effects. It supports the healing of rheuma and wounds. In Iran it’s used in case of distorsions, while in China it’s used against dysmenorrhoe. From the safflower oil there are also used the yellowish brown blooms, which have liver protecting, stimulant, laxative, diaphoretic and stimulant properties. The safflower oil is also excellent as a hair balm, to prevent dermatitis by napkins and to stimulate the blood circulation. It’s available as oil or in the form of tablets.