• st-john-s-wort-oil

      St. John's wort oil

      The St. John’s wort oil is called „houswife’s oil“, since it has disinfecting, restoring, cicatrizant and nurturing effects and it’s excellent against wrinkles. The St. John’s wort oil has moreover astringent, alleviating qualities, it helps against depression and stimulates the blood circulation. Furthermore it alleviates gout, contusions and contortions. It can be used for a muscle massage after a sporty activity or after the training, since it hinders muscle ache.

      The consumption of this oil can treat gastrointestinal problems, the oil is also available in capsules, which act onto the nervous system. In this case it’s mixed with lecithin. It helps against exhaustion, anxiety and emotional tension. The oil treats couperose, varicose veins and rheumatic pains. After the appliance of this oil the treatened parts of the body should not be exposed to the sun. In case of sensible skin the hands can be massaged with St. John’s wort oil and covered with cotton gloves over night, which makes the skin softener. Further affections which can be cured with this oil are: mycosis, stretch marks, psoriasis, the oil is also used for therapeutic hair treatments.