• sunflower-oil

      Sunflower oil

      The sunflower oil is used in the kitchen and in the cosmetic industry. It contains many vitamins of the groups B5, B6, D and E, very strong antioxidants, folic acid and a lot of omega 6 which reduces the bad cholesterol. Moreover sunflower oil contains the following minerals: phosphor, copper, manganese, zinc, iron, which has a stimulating effect on the immune system. The sunflower oil purifies the mouth before the teeth brushing, it’s a simple and efficient remedy against stomatitis and gingivitis.

      This oil can als be used as a make-up remover. According to the old Ayurvedic medicine the sunflower oil is an efficient hair mask, since it donates brilliance and moisture and cleans the hair from micro- dust. It’s enough to put some of it on the hair and to let it act for about half an hour. Then the oil can be washed with water. It’s also possible to mix a cup of sunflower oil with some wheat germ oil, to let it act on the hair for about an hour and then wash it with water and lemon.