• tamanu-oil

      Tamanú oil

      Tamanú oil derives from the Asian tropics, such as India and Sri Lanka. This oil has a sharp flavor and is emerald green. In Polynesia it’s called „Atí“ and there are necessary about 100 kg of nuts to produce nearby 5 kg of oil, which is cold pressed. In this country the oil is seen as a holy product, since it has healing qualities and protects the skin from heat, sun and wind.


      The tamanú oil possesses the following properties: antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, neuralgic, antimycrobic, itchiness- alleviating, anti- cellulitis and cicatrizant. It helps against abrasions, wounds, cuts, burns, sunburns, insect bites, acne, psoriasis, gastric ulcers, dandruffs, blebs, eczemas, contusions, dermatitis by napkins, rheuma, arthralgias, scabies, couperose, circulatory disorder, wrinkles, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, irritated skin and lips, backaches, sciatica or orange peel. In New Guinea the boiled tree leaves are used to alleviate skin eruptions. It’s scientifically proven that the oil cures many burns from chemically agents or hot water. The oil is furthermore an ingredient of the Polynesian Monoi oil, which represents a good massage oil.

      In the western- European cosmetic industry this oil is mainly integrated into suncreams and wrinkle creams. In Hawai the oil is used against fresh tatoo- pains. The Tamanú oil is also contained in the Tamanú cream, which is prepared with the Karité butter and this oil and which represents a useful agent for the skin regeneration. The Tamanú oil is also an excellent nourishment and regeneration for the hair and the nails. Moreover it’s an excellent natural aftershave for men.