• tucuma-oil

      Tucumá oil

      The tucumá oil is similar to the palm oil in its consistence and appearance. It’s often used to cook and it has a yellow- orange color. The botanical name of the tucumá palm is „Astrocaryum vulgare” and it grows in the Brazilian state of Pará, in Suriname, Peru, Columbia and in the French Guyana. The tucumá oil is often used for the production of soaps, hair products, massage and cosmetic products for hair and body. It’s very rich in omega 6, omega 3 and omega 9 and in the vitamins A,B,C. This oil has furthermore vasoprotective and brightening properties.

      It donates humidity and it can be used as aftersun, it has an antioxidant effect onto the skin and the hair. It’s extracted by the seeds of the palm fruit. Moreover it’s used for the production of biodiesel! The harvest season of this fruit lasts from January until May, the main harvest season is between February and April. From the Tucumá palm there are furthermore used the plant fibres, excellent to produce baskets. The fruits are consumed row, in bread or in the form of sauces. They can also be mixed with beverages or ice. The color of this fruit is orange, while its consistence is fibrous. The tucumá fruit is very rich in vitamin A, the same as the Burití fruit. From the tucumá oil there is produced a body butter, which is similar to the Murumuru butter.