• ucuuba-butter

      Ucuuba Butter

      The Ucuuba butter is extracted by cold pressure from the seeds of the Ucuuba tree, which grows in South and Central America, its botanical name is „Virola surinamensis“. In Brazil this plant grows in Maranhao and in Pernambuco, the crop of the Ucuuba fruits begins in January and finishes in April, the main harvest season lasts from February until March. The Ucuuba butter has a hard consistence, it’s beige and it has antiseptic and anti- inflammatory properties. Moreover it can be used as a natural substitute of paraffin and has a pleasant, aromatic flavor.

      The butter is excellent to treat eczemas, psoriasis, dry, tired and mature skin. The Ucuuba butter is used for the preparation of soaps and cosmetics, but can also be used for massage- candles. This butter produces a very high flame and a very pleasant flavor. It’s used for the hair care. From the Ucuuba fruit there is also extracted an oil which is excellent to cure hemorrhoids, arthritis, colitis, ulcers. Moreover the oil and the butter are used as a sun- protection and aftersun lotion by the Amazonian fishermen.