• wheat-germ-oil

      Wheat germ oil

      The wheat germ oil is one of the most popular massage oils among women, since it contains a lot of vitamin A, D, and vitamins of the groups B,D and E, finally it contains iron. It’s recommended to consume it during the main meal. This is a very versatile oil, it can be used as hair balm, since it protects from aging and donates the skin elasticity. Furhermore it combats stretch marks, couperose and redness.


      The oil is also excellent for dry, mature and tired skin, it has nurturing and moisturizing qualities. It reduces the risk of environmental pollution for the skin, it hinders the skin aging and acts against stress, moreover it blocks muscle ache. This oil is recommended for sportspeople and for children before doing an exam. The oil reduces the cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. In the summer the wheat germ oil represents a popular after sun lotion and donates the skin more power and energy after the browning. It’s also an excellent nightlotion for the décolleté of women. It’s possible to apply a good base of it onto the face and let it act for about 8-20 minutes- an efficient method against wrinkles. Remove the superfluous oil with a towel. The wheat germ oil is an excellent ingredient for a hair mask.