• ximenia-oil

      Ximenia oil

      The Ximenia oil is normally used by the women of South Africa to treat wounds and blisters. It’s softens the skin and the hair, especially if it‘s dry and dehydrated. This oil isn’t adhesive and it stimulates the blood circulation, the skin receives more dioxygen. The oil is extracted by the cold pressure of the nuts of the so-called „blackthorn tree“. The color of the fruits varies between yellow and a strong orange. This tree grows mainly in the savanna and its fruits are rich in vitamin C.

      They can be eaten row or as jam, they taste bitter. The Ximenia oil is furthermore efficient in the fight against dermatitis from napkins or against skin irritations or to make the scalp softener. The production of Ximenia oil belongs to the aid projects for African women. From the blackthron there are also used the roots, in the form of a soup or brew to treat nausea during pregnancy or infertility. The leaf extract is used for mouthrinse against tonsillitis or as vermifuge. The roots of the tree are helpful in case of abscesses, malaria, stomach problems, colics, syphilis, respiratory problems. The leaf tea is used for the treatment of inflamed eyes and to disperse nightmares, while the leaf brew is helpful against toothache, mouth and stomach inflammations. If the trunk is burned, it smells like sandal- wood.