• craniosacral-massage

      Craniosacral massage

      This massage works on the micro- movements of the bones and membranes, especially of the “dura mater”, which covers the brain together with the “pia mater” and the arachnoid. In the dura mater which reaches the tail bone, there is contained the so called “liquor”, which circulates also in the whole vertebral column. Moreover the nervous system is connected to all the other body’s systems thanks to several physical structures.

      The principle of the cranium- sacral massage is: acting on the cerebrospinal fluid, which is also called “liquor”, the therapist stimulates and promotes the patient’s global well- being. It is of transparent color, it nourishes and protects the whole central nervous system, this liquid floats as if it would inflate and deflate, according to the difference of pressure and reabsorption, exactly the same as the tides. The cranium- sacral rhythm consists exactly of this.

      During the massage the therapist can cross contract areas in these conditions because of various traumas physical or emotive, as the body registers every event.

      Starting from these presuppositions, the skull hasn’t a non- rigid but a semi- rigid structure; it’s also possible to measure its movements. On it there exist several reflex points, which correspond to the various body’s organs. 

      One session of craniosacral massage lasts about 40 or 60 minutes, the therapist works with light manipulations on the cranial bones and on the vertebral column of the patient. This massage is so delicate and not invading that it can be made even on pregnant women, children or seniors. It derives from the osteopathic tradition. The manipulations act on the craniosacral system, as in some parts of it stress remains contracted. Thanks to this massage the “liquor” is stimulated. 

      The parts of the body on which this kind of massage acts are: the membranes of the meninges and the bony structures, even the non- bony ones on which they are positioned. The liquor and all the structures which are in charge of their containment, production and reabsorption. 

      Even if the movements of this massage are delicate, it acts profoundly on the nervous, breathing, digestive, immune and hormonal system. The craniosacral massage is very efficient against the following problems: after an operation or an accident, at migraine, whiplashs, pain from sciatica, several types of back problems, dizziness, mandible joints, posture problems and vision problems, fever, apoplexy, glaucoma, cataract, amblyacousia, cerebral ischema, endocrine problems, gynecological, hyperactivity at children. Children respond very good to this kind of massage, for this there are needed less sessions than with adults.

      During the craniosacral massage the patient feels similar sensations as if he was in the alpha- sleep, all the thoughts can flow easily. In fact the body’s relaxation happens exactly when it gets in touch with the craniosacral rhythm.