• facial-massage

      Facial massage

      The facial massage supports the blood and lymphatic circulation, it’s excellent to reduce skin aging, as the cell’s oxygenation increases and the face acquires a beautiful and bright coloring. It facilitates the formation of collagen, a fundamental element for the youth of the face. Even the facial massage works with the Chinese principles, as there are stimulated the energetic meridians of the face. 

      Furthermore this kind of massage respects the Ayurvedic massage, according to this discipline the facial massage is called Mukhabhyanga or Mukhabhyangam. Another variant of the facial massage is the facial yoga. During the Indian facial massage the therapist stimulates the scalp, moreover the massage is useful to make the beauty treatments even more efficient. 

      One session lasts from 10 until 15 minutes and foresees the utilization of creams and essential oils for facilitating the finger’s flowing on the face. The used massaging oils are different according to the kind of skin: for mature skins there are used apricot oils, avocado, macadam or wheat germ oils. For normal skins the therapist chooses oils of sesame or sweet almond, while for oily skins there are used oils of peach, hazelnut or of St. Johns word.

      Some Spa actually work with snail slime! The facial massage can be preceded by a scrub or a specific compress, according to the kind of skin. It’s even possible to acquire the movements of this massage for doing them at home. 

      This massage is perfect for the treatment of mature skins, the pressures are delicate, slowly and rhythmic, working with friction or kneading. 

      The massage is divided in several sessions: the outline of the eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, jaw and ears. In plantar reflexology also the face presents reflex points: for example the chin corresponds to the pelvis; massaging the corresponding reflex points the patient feels alleviation in case of problems with liver or bile.

      The eyes, eyebrows and the temples are connected to the nose, therefore a massage on these body parts helps to alleviate sinusitis, stress and headache, helping also in case of fatigue in seeing or in case of premenstrual syndrome, water retention or nervous problems. In this case a facial massage can be very beneficial especially after a hard working day.