• qhaqoy-massage

      Qhaqoy massage

      The Qhaqoy massage has Inka origins and is also called the “soul’s massage”, once it was practiced by the Bolivian and Peruvian “curanderos”, who thanks to it could “listening” to the needs of the soul, the body and the spirit. It has its origins in South America, before the arriving of the Spain and it’s cited in the famous book “The Curandera Prophecy”. The ancient Inka believed that the Earth was influenced by other planets of the solar system and of the constellation of the South Cross, which for the ancient Inka corresponded to our Polar Star.

      Men are governed by the sun (Ti), distinguished by a strong energy, while women by the moon (Ki), whose energy is more sweet and receptive, but anyway as powerful as the sun. 

      The Qhaqoy massage in fact is aspiring to rebalance the human’s soul with the soul of nature surrounding him. The human is on his part divided in various parts, which are: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. They all need to be balanced, so that the person can be healthy.

      The Qhaqoy massage works with all the human body’s senses, but it favors the touch. This is the first developed sense of the child during pregnancy. In fact the sensation of touch is very important in the first years of life. Today it’s widely proved how harmful its deprivation can be for human, both for adults and children.

      This kind of massage works with 7 types of brushs, helping to refind oneself and to elaborate the traumatic experiences according to the personal rhythm of everybody, this massage wants to pull out and elaborate, to solve.

      During the first session, the therapist helps the patient to effect a guided auto- massage, so that he get in touch with the own body again, rediscovering the form of the face, the hands and the breathing rhythm. 

      The vital organs are sensibilized and can perceive better the manipulations, which give off love and warmth, especially to people who feel alone, mistrusted and frightened. Moreover the therapist controls the tongue, the wrists, the skin and the eyes of the patient, individuating eventual problems. 

      The Qhaqoy is in fact recommended in case of: posthumuous of traumas, stress, nervous problems, contractions. A session lasts about 2 hours, there is usually necessary a musical background and the utilization of several massage oils, medicinal herbs or hot stones. This kind of therapy acts very profoundly and brings to light blockades and traumas which sometimes have their origins in childhood. One of the therapeutic steps of the Qhaqoy massage is the “Thalay”, the patient has to lie down into a soft woolen blanket, the blanket’s angles are holded by 4 persons, one per angle. Thanks to the “Thalay”, the patient seems to be in a hammock.

      In fact it’s possible that during this massage the patient begins to cry, laugh, that he becomes tired or hyperactive. It’s recommended to note the experiences made during the massage, for noticing improvements between one and the other session. 

      The perfect quantity for this massage would be one session per month, four or five times. This kind of massage is proper even for children and has no contraindications.