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      Balinese massage

      The Balinese massage has a relaxing effect and is a mix between Indian massage, Shiatsu, Chinese and Indonesian. It’s said to be influenced by the techniques of the Swedish massage. All these cultures are fused on the Island of Bali, giving origin to this massage. Other sources affirm that this massage was born at the court of Majapahit and that it was an exclusive prerogative of royal line women. This massage stimulates the bloody circulation, it alleviates joint ache and injured tissue.

      It’s highly recommended for sporty people, as it contains elements of digito pressure and reflexology. One session of Balinese massage lasts about one hour, after it the patient is covered with coconut oil, known for its refreshing qualities. Afterwards he has to immerse himself  into a bath tub or take a shower, the bath is more indicated as it’s more relaxing. A purifying or draining tisane completes the relaxation. The patient has to present himself dressed with comfortable clothing, allowing the therapist to work without problems. The massage is made on a small matress or massage bed, it’s better to be there earlier, so the masseur can begin with the relaxing treatments to prepare the body for the massage. Examples: a footbath with essential and perfumed oil, a purifying skin bath-  stimulating for the circulation. The massage begins on the head, using essences of lotus flower or jasmine, known for their relaxing qualities. The pressure power is medium- high.

      An integral part of this massage is the scrub with riceflour, ginger and other spices. After a cold shower the body is spreaded with yoghurt, the patient have to immerse into a warm and perfumed bath tub. This massage can also be combinated with an Ayurvedic massage which uses perfumed pads or cold stones.

      According to the tradition at Bali, after the treatment the therapist offers fruits and sweets to the ancestor’s altar, one hour of massage would cost about 7 Dollar. This massage is excellent to reduce stress and to balance negative emotions, it is also useful in case of insomnia, migraine, asthma, anxiety, lymphatic stasis, cervical problems and depression. As in many other Oriental massages also in the Balinese one the therapist prefers the utilization of essential aromatic oils and massage oils. The oil is chosen according to patient needs. The massage is very popular among the families, parents do it for their children and the children do it for their parents as soon as they’re able to.

      There exist several typologies of the Balinese massage: the lulur, for the bride during preparation for the wedding, the boreh massage, invented by the rice farmers, which is made with a paste of spices, perfect to alleviate muscular aches. Also the sasak massage is perfect to alleviate tiredness, while the lombok massage helps to hinder aging and to relax. Before starting the massage the therapist has to be informed about pregnancy, if the patient just had a surgery operation, if there exist problems with high or low pressure or osteoarticular problems.