• bamboo-massage

      Bamboo massage

      The bamboo massage is of Indochinese origins and is born in the monasteries, this kind of massage has spread itself first in China then even in Thailand. It’s not only executed with sticks made of bamboo but with bamboo oil and other essential oils as well. The therapist works with bamboo extract, this cosmetic is rich in silicon, which is perfect to reinforce the deeper zones of the skin. Furthermore it donates the skin a silk, elastic and lightened aspect, excellent both for women and men.

      For creating more atmosfere the therapist makes use of the aromatherapy, by using perfumed bamboo candles. The bamboo canes have a variable diameter, accordinig to the parts to treat; the manipulations used for this kind of massage are: rubbing, rolling, pressure. Apart from relaxing and stimulating the circular and lymphatic system, this massage is made to model the muscles of the various body parts as well, it reinvegorates and tonifies the muscles. So it’s recommended after sports, this technique of massage works with the “reflex points” on both hands and feet. This massage is contraindicated during pregnancy and in case of varicose veines. The massage is done laying down, the therapist slides the bamboo canes up and down over the vertebral column, opening this way the energetic centres of the body. The canes permit the therapist to massage the patient with more depth, having less difficulty.

      In case of muscular kinks or water retention, the masseur insists on these points. The massage lasts about one hour: at the end of the massage it’s possible to relax for 10 minutes, during this period of relaxation the patient can drink a tisane.