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      Bioenergetic massage

      Even the bioenergetic massage is a holistic discipline, which treats body and mind as one element, even this kind of massage is born in California in the sixties. The bioenergetic massage wants to unblock emotions, it gives new energy to the points where it lacks. There are necessary at least 4 sessions to a maximum of 8. Before starting the real massage, the therapist observes the person: his posture, morpholody, the left and right side of the body, eventual imbalances between the two parts, color and kind of skin, warm and cold zones etc. In the “full” areas there is an eccess of inexpressed energy, while the “empty” areas are lacking of it.

      As the bioenergetic massage works on the emotions, it can happen that a person begins to cry, buried tensions can finally come to the light. According to this massage, there exist five great types of personality: cerebral, compressed, dependent, rigid. The cerebral one has great difficulties to express the own emotions, the compressed one seems to be docile and submissive, but is continually nurturing feelings of rebellion, while the rigid one maintains emotional distance of others. The dependent personality has usually long limbs, bad developed muscles and little energy.

      Furthermore there exist seven forms of blockades in the body, the throat and the chin, the cervical block, where feelings and things like anger, crying, screams have been suffocated, the blockade of the torax, where unexpressed emotions are situated, the blockade of the diaphragm, regarding the breathing, the block of the abdomen, where the profound emotions are concentrated, the block of the pelvic, when it’s contracted and rigid, stoping the sexual energy from flowing deliberately. Every type needs a different kind of manipulation during the massage. Persons, who are more emotional, need measures which suggest them an idea of tenacity and emotional support, adjuvanted by a warming massage oil. The compressed personality, which feels the necessity to free the profound tensions, needs manipulations which are like a traction or a strain. If the pains are mostly in the left part of the body, it is an emotive type. The dominant personalities need to solve breathing tensions and tensions in the legs, as they use mostly their head and the higher part of the body, to the detriment of the lower one. The rigid personalities on the other hand need clear and precise stimulations, such as swinging, rhythmic shaking, gentle pressures, to balance the lack of emotions.

      According to the theories ot the bioenergetic massage all the muscular tensions derive from the controlling mechanisms of the emotions posted in existene since childhood, especially in case of pain, refusal and disapproval. The bioenergetic massage improves the bodily awareness, the emotional stability, the breathing, the blood and lymphatic circulation, the digestion, the job of the backs. Furthermore it’s beneficial for the nervous system, the musles and the joints, helping also to lose weight and to have a better self- esteem. Moreover the energetic massage is useful to free the body from various drosses and toxins. One session lasts about one hour and can also be combinated with music therapy and chromotherapy.

      The bioenergetic masage can be made also on children and newborns, especially in case of: colics at newborns, children born with Caesarean, children of mothers who work, premature infants, babies who can’t be feeded or adopted children. It’s even useful during dentintion, which is normally a critical period in childhood. Moreover this massage is useful for mothers, as after it they surly can more easily brighten up their children.