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      Californian massage

      The Californian massage is born in the namesake American state during the sixties, exactly on the Big Sur coast, it’s defined as the king of the massages. The Californian massage reunites the elements of the massotherapy of American Indians, the Swedish massage, the Oriental breathing tecniques, it also imitates the rhythmic movements of the Ocean’s waves. In that period people was preaching the body’s and mind’s liberation, it was the time of the hippies. In the beginnings the Californian massage was born as a group therapy, obtaining great success.

      The therapist’s figure became more and more professional, in the eighties the massage became very popular all over the world. The patient is naked or wears underwear, the therapist works with perfumed oils, he covers the whole body with oil, from the feet to the hair. The oils are chosen according to the patient problems, using the principles of the aromatherapy. The massage can be made with two or four hands.

      The movements can be fluid and smooth, or even profounder, syncronized with the patient’s breathing rhythm. But they always remain ampious, fluid and smooth, following the relflex points, the musculature and the body meridians. The typical movements of the Californian massage are: kneading, local pressure, friction, drainage, torsion, percussion, traction, brushing…One massage session lasts from 50 to 75 minutes.

      The Californian massage is recommended in case of intense stress, the patient learns to “listen” the messages sent by the body. The nervous endings are stimulated as well, supporting the nervous balance. In fact the Californian massage is recommended to combat insomnia, nervous hunger, anorexia, panic attacs, addictions, as for example caused by psychotropic drugs. Moreover it stimulates the lymphatic, digestive, breathing and bloody system. It’s recommended also for detoxication or as an anti- aging method. Thanks to the harmonization of the temperature of the several body parts, this massage improves the energetic circulation and the capacity of relationship with others.

      An example of its effectiveness was given through the Vietnam veterans, which beyond  the psychological support needed a friendly and comforting presence as well. They often wished physical contact, simply as a curing method- an emotional and protective method because they had a trauma by the war. Thanks to this massage they got better earlier, in fact the final step of the Californian massage brings the patient into the fetal position, giving him the sensation of protection he already had in the mother’s womb, the patient feels like reborn.