• candle-massage

      Candle massage

      The candle massage is excellent for a profoundly nourishing of the skin, it also repares stretch marks. This massage combats stress and improves the body flexibility. Actually the heat allows the active elements of the oils and butters to immerse deeper into the skin. The candles are based on vegetable oils and butters, they are special and distinguished by a fusion- point of 38°. The candle massage combines the Ayurvedic massage with the European aromatherapy and massotherapy. An example of butter used for this kind of candles is the popular butter of karité, known for its moisturizing, emollient and stimolating qualities.

      Even argan oil is a very popular ingredience for the production of these candles. Other oils used for it are the coconut, which is refreshing and nourishing or the almond oil, rich in vitamin B and E, also known for its lenitive and repairing qualities. Furthermore there exist candles based on aloe, mango, andiroba butter or on conker oil, the last one is recommended in case of cellulitis. In addition it’s possible to use candles based on completely biological ingredients. Moreover the therapist works with essential oils according to patient needs: the fragrances can have a crisping, relaxing and vitalizing effect.

      Even the candle’s form has a great importance, if it’s elongate it’s more elegant while when it has a cylinder- form it lasts longer. The candle massage can also be combined with chromotherapy, using candles in harmony with the chakras to work on. The candle massage can be made as a single treatment or in addition to an other wellness- treatment, such as the Turkish bath or the scrub.