• chocolate-massage

      Chocolate massage

      The chocolate massage is not only made for greedies, but also recommended to treat different problems like cellulitis, anxiety and depression. Cacao is rich in caffeina, tannin and theobromine, which lipolytic effets are widely proved. It’s a perfect coadjutant of the humor’s tone as already its perfume stimulates the secretion of the serotonins and endorfines, which are the well-being hormons. When the patient enters into the massage cabine he already feels better, thanks to the chocolate’s delicous perfume. Because of this the massage is also called the “smiling massage”!

      The cacao is rich in moisturizing agents and antioxidants, perfect to repair wrinkles or stretch marks. Another positive result of this massage is the major capacity of concentration, thanks to the caffeina. Other elements contained in chocolate are: iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphor, vessel protecting flavonoids, vitamin A and B. Moreover this kind of massage has positive effects on the osteomuscular and cardiocirculatory apparat. The chocolate massage is similar to a soft scrub, thanks to the cacao.

      One session lasts about 50 minutes, the patient lays down on a small and warm bed, the body is covered with a mix of cacao ad moisturizing cream, or with sweet almond oil, known for its emollient and antioxidant qualities. During the second stage the patient is winded into warm chocolate staying there for about 10 minutes, afterwards the chocolate is rinsed down taking a shower.