• dorn-breuss-massage

      Dorn-Breuss massage

      The Dorn- Breuss massage is specialized on osteomuscular problems, especially of the back, as the name says it’s a complement of the Dorn- method, invented by the Austrian naturopath Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990). Often the Dorn-Breuss massage is categorized as a bio-natural discipline which targets the person’s energetic balance. The massage is also catalogated as a real discipline as it has given excellent results. It has become one of the most asked treatments for back pains.

      In the wellness resorts it is presented in combination with a natural scrub, the manipulations can be made with oil of St. John’s wort or of arnica, known for their curative effects on osteoarticular problems. The Dorn method has been created in the sixties in Germany by the German naturopath Dieter Dorn. The method works with smooth and soften pressions with the fingers on the vertebral column. In this aspect it’s very similar to the Shiatsu massage and to Tui Na. The Breuss treatment on the other hand works with slipping movements on the back, moisturizing the intervertebral discs and making the vertebral muscles longer.

      The Dorn- Breuss method is very useful for persons who suffer from muscular tensions at the back, slipped disc and other tipical problems of this part of the body, it’s also very recommended for athletes. The vertebral column in fact is liberated by stress and better allineated, the muscles are relaxed and the vertebral joints work better. The Dorn- Breuss method targets to correct the length- difference of the legs, problems at the knees, it corrects dislocations and fractures, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and lumbago.

      The Dorn Breuss massage is very useful in case of slipped disc, but can also solve the problem at the roots. During a session, which lasts about 20-30 minutes, the patient falls into a very deep state of relaxation, it’s also possible that he falls asleep, forgetting stress totally. The Dorn- Breuss method actually allows the intervertebral discs to absorb more water, making the vertebral column’s job easier.

      One of the reasons why we feel better and relaxed after a good night of sleep is the following: in the moment of absolute rest the intervertebral discs receive more water and nourishing substances absorbing them like a sponge. While the vertebral column is working, the discs loose water, the lubrification is lesser, the person suffers more from fatigue. The moisturizing is one of the key points of the Dorn- Breuss method: if you drink a lot, the intervertebral discs are watered better and so the vertebral column is able to work better.